"True Empowerment is found in ones ability to embrace vulnerability, transparency, accountability and ultimately availability. It is in these, that true empowerment is fostered and therefore elevation is inevitable." 
 Vinise M. Capers

Vinise M. Capers M.B.A,CPC

"Where Passion and Purpose Perseveres" 
Vinise Capers is  the owner and founder of Empowered for Elevation Services.  She  holds her Masters in  Organizational Leadership and Management. She is the founder of a not for profit outreach program; A Purse for Her Inc. (501c3 Pending) 

Empowered 4 Elevation was birthed out of the lessons and gratitude she has  embraced while  overcoming many of the hurdles and obstacles  her clients may face.

Although her services are availed to everyone, she specializes in empowering women who have suffered, desist from perpetuation poisonous patterns and find forgiveness while achieving a peace of mind, healing and personal victory in life.

Vinise is a Native New Yorker, currently residing in Raleigh NC. She actively serves her community as a co-founder of Women Win 2gether.  A collaborative effort designed to empower women entrepreneurs by offering informative and empowering workshops, intended for fostering collaboration within the entrepenueral community.


  1. "When I think of elevation I think of being lifted. Vinise helps me remember how elevated we can be on a spiritual level: heart, mind, body & soul
    Yvette L.- Long Island, NY
  2. "...I am not where I want to be, but I am so happy whe I think about where I could have been if not for her encouragement, empowerment and general concern for my well-being. Thank you Vinise, I do not know where I'd be without you."
    Temica M.-Patterson, NJ
  3. Empowered for Elevation, the name speaks for itself! The Visionary of this company is more than someone that empowers and motivates, she demonstrates daily what being empowered really stands for. Vinise is an excellent motivational/inspirational speaker and her life experience allows her to deliver her messages with passion and realism. I had the honor of booking her to speak at my Beating the Odds Scholarship Dinner and believe me, many lives were impacted and will never be the same!
    Kelly A.-A Purpose for LIving-Raleigh, NC
  4. "Vinise puts her heart into her services and in helping people realize their potential. She is a powerful and motivating speaker. Her passion and power really opens your mind to wan to take it all in."
    Ashley M.- Cary, NC