"True Empowerment is found in ones ability to embrace vulnerability, transparency, accountability and ultimately availability. It is in these, that true empowerment is fostered and therefore elevation is inevitable." 
 Vinise M. Capers

Empowered 4 Elevation's Mission is to inspire, motivate and empower individuals as they identify & accept the challenge to achieve an optimum level of fulfillment and success in their personal, business and spiritual realities.
Empowered 4 Elevation Services provides Speaking, Empowerment Coaching and Consulting Services. We readily serve the RDU, Tri– State and DMVareas.  
Our clients are our partners. We partner with and support you as you set S.M.A.R.T goals to realize your greatest potential and execute vision  in the areas of relationships, business and spiritual well being.

We look forward to getting the best of you out of the "Rest"of you!
Empowerment Coach

As a Certified Coach, Vinise provides partnership, and an unconditional support for her clients. She is dedicated to helping each client find their purpose, cultivate their vision for their personal and business lives, develop realistic goals for achieving them and removing any obstacle which have thus far impeded their success.  Her clients find a confidant in her and complete their process with greater confidence, resilience and a clear perspective on their lives."I desire to  inspire, motivate and empower individuals as they identify & accept the challenge to achieve an optimum level of fulfillment and success in their personal, business and spiritual realities." VC.
Empowerment Speaker
Vinise presents her messages with an enthusiasm and passion which inspires even the most resistant audiences. Audiences depart feeling revived, renewed and resilient toward the challenges often accompanying transition and transformation. Vinise is flexible and sincere in nature which is imperative when interacting with an audience one hopes to influence. Vinise possesses the stage presence and confidence to convey any message or topic of discussion with great energy and clarity. This is an invaluable element to possess when empowering staff and  managment is the objective or  young adults and students when achievement is their goal. She is known to possess a professional presence which is  penetrating and persuasive, again which is  great for business conferences,  employee training , academic assemblies and seminars. 
The Reflection 

The gift of introspection has broadened my horizons and heightened my expectations for my life and the lives of those I am privileged to serve, as I embark upon the journey of greater self-discovery and divine purpose.

Pain has its Purpose
 If we would allow, pain has the propensity to help cultivate our very purpose.  It was due to my pain and all of the lessons it has afforded me, that I've grown to know and embrace my purpose.  It is not only my purpose but my privilege to serve and  empower women as they too rise up out the ashes of hurt, fear, abuse and self-destruction.  My goal is to remind women of their innate power and help them relinguish the emotional, mental and spiritual burdens that attempt to suffocate their purpose and passions in life.  ​​